Wednesday, 15 August 2012

At last back on line.

Finally were back on the blog,we have had problems writing in the main box, now I'm pleased to say we are back in business. Since my last posting we have not left the Marina except to top up the diesel. We had planned to go. Out after our check up at the new Doctors,however we both got another appointment. Marlene's for a blood test and mine for an asthma check. Although the appointments aren't until the 24th August we decided to stay in the Marina and do some work on the boat. We also had a week with Pamela in which we visited Wells-Next-the-Sea and did some crabbing off the harbour with Archie. I's a long time since we went crabbing at Wells. While at Pamela's eating my healthy breakfast of Muesli I bit on a hazel nut and broke my tooth. So as well as the Doctors appointments I am now visiting a Dentist in Long Eaton. One thing we have done while in the Marina was to look round a wide beam barge. It was beautiful,with a large open plan lounge and kitchen,a lovely shower room a single bedroom and a large double bedroom. Marlene loved it,so all I have to do now is sell Doublefracture. Seriously they are lovely boats but we would be restricted in where we could cruise. After our doctors appointments we are going to visit Stephen and the boys for a few days. Then weather permitting we will go for a cruise before the winter sets in.

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