Monday, 28 May 2012

A weekend with family.

On Thursday we went into Derby to the theatre to see Butterfly Lion. When we booked we were told that there would be some children at the afternoon performance. When we got there the place was full of children. The buzz of their conversation reminded me of a bee hive, until the lights went out then after a loud cheer all went quiet. The play written,by the author of the War Horse was a lovely story. Friday morning we went down the lock and moored on the 48hr moorings. Later that morning Richard and Gill arrived to have lunch and leave Duncan while they went to London for the weekend. In the afternoon we took the bus to Castle Donnington for a look round, later we went into Alverston to do some shopping. While on the bus Duncan saw the cooling towers at Radcliffe power station and shouted look Volcanos. We were blessed with the good weather again on Saturday,Pamela,Nathan,Archie and Amberley came for the day and we had a picnic in the park before calling for a pint at the Navigation Inn. Richard and Gill came back Sunday evening and stayed till today. This morning Marlenes cold had turned into a chest infection and she had to go to the doctors in Castle Donnington for some antibiotics. It had been a great weekend with the family.

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