Friday, 18 May 2012

Fifteen days going nowhere.

Yes, I know,it's fifteen days since my last blog. We were then at bridge thirteen heading for Willington. Today we are at bridge thirteen heading for Shardlow. Hopefully when we get there the River Trent will be low enough to navigate. The only significant things to happen in the last fifteen days were Marlenes birthday,for which we went to the cinema, then a meal at the Dragon in Willington. We then put the boat in Mercia Marina for four nights while we went to Yorkshire to see mother and attend Marlene's sister and brother in laws Diamond wedding anniversary celebration. On our return we went back to Willington village and waited for Diesel in a can to come and top us up with diesel. Since we last topped up the owner(Graham) has sold the business to Simon. While at Willington we met a fellow Yorkshire man who is planning to cruise the same area as us this year,so we may see him again this summer. As I said we are heading to Shardlow where we are meeting Richard and Gill,who are leaving our grandson Duncan with us from the 25th to the 27th while they go to London. On the 24th Marlene and I have tickets to the theatre in Derby to see Gwen Taylor in The Butterfly lion. I nearly forgot, on Wednesday we went to Sudbury Hall for the day and were lucky enough to get some good weather. As well as the hall there is a museum of childhood, with all the toys we used to play with,makes you feel old.

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