Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Time for an oil change.

We arrived back at the boat on Sunday night as planned. On Monday morning we turned the boat and headed back toward Burton on Trent.The weather was bright,sunny and quite warm. While I steered the boat Marlene caught up with the washing. Making good time through Aston Lock then up through Weston Lock. By lunch time we were moored near bridge nine and the washing was out drying. For the rest of the day we relaxed in the sun. It feels good to be on the move again.
This morning was very frosty, however by ten o clock the sun was quite warm again,just a bit chilly to your hands and face, As we cruised along we could see all the small birds, including some Longtail Tits. At Swarkestone lock we past the boat (Best of Mates) of some friends we have met a few times since we first met them in 2005. Further on a British Waterways crew were working on a bridge wall that looked as though it had been hit by a lorry. Once again we were moored up by lunch time. After lunch I changed the Engine oil and oil filter. While Marlene did some baking(a carrot cake) I took the boat the short distance to the moorings at Willington where we are now moored for the night. Pictures are A frosty Morning And Weston Church.

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