Friday, 4 March 2011

Start of season three.

On Tuesday first of March at 10 o clock we left our winter mooring at Barton Marina for the start of our third season cruising the canals. We turned left and headed down the Trent and Mersey heading for Shardlow. First though we stopped at the mooring near Morrisons supermarket to do some shopping. on the way down we had collected some wood for the stove so that evening I cut it into pieces and stored it on the top of the boat. I then set up the satellite dish and settled down for the night.
Next morning we didn't wake up till a quarter to nine, but who cares. We took a steady run down to Willington where we were mooring for the night. After a walk we put on our glad rags and went to the Greenman for a meal and a few pints. The meal was rather large, when he placed it in front of Marlene he wished her luck. It was a good night out.
Thursday was cold as we set off for Shardlow, the locks today would be large to fit two boats. This is much heavier going than the narrow locks of the last two days. It was 4 o clock when we moored opposite Dobsons Wharf in Shardlow. On Friday morning we caught the bus into Derby Station, then took a train to Pamela's for the weekend.
This is where I am writing this posting as I have been unable to get on line on the trip to Shardlow. Marlene and I return to the boat today(Sunday) to do the return trip to Shobnal Marina where we are having our shower re-tiled on the 14th. While this is done we are coming back to Pamela's. If I have trouble posting the blog on the way back I will bring you up to date then.

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