Monday, 28 June 2010

Still Here.

Since my last posting we moved to Branston on the Wednesday, then on the Friday Pamela, Nathan and Archie arrived to take us to the hospital in Burton for our ops. We booked in at 1-30pm and we left at 5-15pm feeling quite well but a little sore.On Saturday we went to the Open Gardens in Barton by car and had a very nice day. Then on Sunday afternoon we took the boat up to Barton Turns to water up for the week, turned round ,went back to Branston where we stayed for the week. We had to do this because we had to have complete rest. The only problem with Branston is we can't get on line, this is why I have not done a posting for so long. While there we were visited by our friends Vivian and David in their new boat First Fruits. It has been a year since we had last seen them so we had alot to catch up on. when we saw them last they were waiting for their boat to be build. In the evening we had a night out at the Bridge Inn, next to the mooring.
This Sunday Pamela, Nathan and Archie returned to move us to Willington for our second weeks rest. Nathan took the boat down with Marlene, while Pamela,Archie and me went by car via the hospital because my wound had started to bleed again. This was not a problem I was told, just put on a dressing and continue to rest.
So we are now moored at Willington until we are fit to move the boat ourselves, which should be around 3 weeks time.

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  1. I have just found your blog when searching Narrow Boat sites.
    I just want to wish you well in your recovery and in your life afloat.
    My husband & I are just starting to think about our retirment (when my husband can get away from his business) but I do keep wondering that if we do spend a lot of time on the water what happens if we do need a hospital. I know I should not think this way it may not happen and your story shows that with planning and friends to help you can cope.

    Good luck to you both.