Monday, 7 June 2010

Queues at Fradley Junction.

Finally after a week I've managed to get on the net. On the Tuesday after my rant we moved down the Coventry Canal as far as Huddlesford Junction where we turned round, then moored for the night on a 24hr mooring. Meanwhile Stephen had phoned to say he would be calling to see us on his way back down the country. So early Wednesday morning we set off heading back to Alrewas to meet him. The early start was so we would pass through Fradly Junction before it got too busy. The best laid plans and all that, when we got there there were three boats waiting to go down the lock in front of us. With mooring room for only two boats we found our selves holding the boat mid canal and trying not to block the junction. Two hours later we cleared the last off the Fradley locks and cruised down into Alrewas. Around five o clock Stephen arrived. On Thursday Marlene and I went into Lichfield to do some shopping, while Stephen had a well earned rest. Since leaving Reading he had done around 1000 mile, getting as far as Ripon in North Yorkshire. On Friday Stephen left on the last leg of his journey back to Reading, Marlene and I stayed on at Alrewas until this morning. On the Saturday we took the bus to Sudbury Hall (a National Trust property) as we travel free on the buses and being National Trust members it was a cheap day out. before leaving Sudbury we also paid a visit to the village fete. As is our habit Sunday was a quiet day at the boat, good food, good wine and a chance to watch the wild life. One of the pictures is off Moorhen chicks that came floating by on some reeds. I spent some time watching mum coming and going with food for them.
This morning we left Alrewas and are now moored opposite Barton Marina after collecting some mail and a new gas bottle.The other two pictures are approaching the lock at Alrewas and Sudbury Hall.

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