Monday, 30 June 2014

On our way again.

In the last fortnight we have been traveling back and forth from Castleford to Stanley Ferry. We had intended to fill up with diesel in Castleford,however,the Marina hadn't got any so it was back to Stanley Ferry for our diesel. Of course when we got there they didn't have any either. We finally got some last Friday. Having filled the tank we left for Woodlesford lock where we spent the weekend. On Saturday we visited my mother for the last time,and went out with Jennifer and Malcolm(my sister and her husband)for a meal before leaving for the Leeds and Liverpool. This morning we slipped our mooring at 9-30 heading for Leeds. All went well until we were approaching the first lock on the Leeds and Liverpool.we were following another boat which we had done the last lock with, when passing a pontoon where they were working on the bank we ran aground. The boat in front carried on unaware while we tried in vain to refloat our selves. In the end the work men came out in an inflatable boat with an outboard motor and pulled us back into deeper water. On arrival at number one lock we explained to the other people what had happened. We are now moored for the night in the basin between locks one and two. Life is never boring on the cut.

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