Thursday, 15 May 2014

On the move again.

The river had dropped on Tuesday morning so we dropped down the two Brighouse locks,then through the first flood lock back on to the canal. This was to be the theme for the day,canal to river and back again. We made good progress even though the locks were the silly paddle ratchets on some of the locks and they were still short so we had to go in on the diagonal. By lunch time we had done eleven locks and five flood locks. After lunch we set off again did two more locks then moored at Horbury Bridge a three o clock. It had been warm and sunny all morning,then just as I secured the last rope the heavens opened and we had heavy rain and thunder. Wednesday morning was once again bright and sunny. After three locks and two flood locks we arrived in Wakefield. We were joined here by another boat for the last two locks. This was only the second time since Manchester that we had shared a lock with anybody. We moored on the Visitor moorings at Stanley Ferry after topping up the water,then had lunch. Later we walked over to the road to check bus times into Castleford for today. To our surprise and his we saw our Nephew Greame on his way home from work. On our way back to the boat we called in the pub for a pint in the evening sun. Later in the evening my sister Jennifer and husband Malcolm arrived to see us,so we went back to the pub for another pint or two. This morning we took the bus into Castleford then out to Allerton Bywater to have lunch with Mother.

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