Sunday, 7 July 2013

A slow run to Fradley.

Another week gone since my last blog,where does the time go. Last Saturday found us moored outside the Dog in a Doublet pub at Bodymoor Heath. The weather was warm and sunny,time to sit in the garden with a pint or two. When the evening cooled we went in to the pub and got talking to the land lord who came from Sheffield. He told us how he cooked his pies and Lamb Shanks. About a mile further on is Kingsbury water park where we spent a lazy Sunday walking round the lakes. On Monday we came to Fazley Junction where we turned left heading back toward Fradley Junction. We have a week to get there so we can meet up with an examiner who will do our Boat Safety Certificate. We stopped at Sutton Road bridge to shop at Sainsburys and buy a new saw to cut up the logs we collected when Stephen and the boys were with us. We moored at Hopwas that night and took the bus into Litchfield on Tuesday morning. Moving on on Wednesday we moored in a quiet spot(well apart from the railway track)between Tamhorn Park. One night there while we did a little more work on the boat. Thursday and Friday we moored near Fradley Village,then yesterday we moved up to the Junction mooring on the Coventry canal just before the Junction. Last night with the weather still warm and sunny we walked to the Swan and sat out side watching the boats and talking to some local people and another boater while enjoying a pint or two. Today is a lazy day before we meet the boat examiner.

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