Thursday, 17 November 2011

An explanation.

A quick explanation of what has been happening with my blog. After the posting on the 11th of October we carried on through Great Hayward Junction to Rugeley and Fradley. At Fradley we could not get a mooring even at that time of year. So on we went to Alrewas where we stayed for two days. On the 21st of October we moored at Branston where we met Pamela, Nathan and Archie. While they were with us we took a trip down to Willington and back stopping ay the Millhouse at Clay Mills for a meal and a drink. The 26th of October saw us at Kedleston Hall for our last National Trust visit this season. That evening Pamela, Nathan and Archie went home and the next day means Marlene took a trip down to see Stephen and the boys. While there we went to see Tin Tin in 3D, I was surprised how good the 3D was. Returning to the boat on the 31st we move back to Barton Turns. Next day we went into Barton Marina for the winter. We were surprised that Mike and his wife on Molly Rose were no longer moored there. Where are you Mike, have you escaped. When I came to post this on the 2nd of November the iPad would not publish it. All I got was an error from Google. Not knowing what was wrong I contacted Google. Thankfully it is now cured, thank you Google. That just leaves me to thank all my followers and sign off until next season.


  1. Hello Mick and Marlene, Mike and Nicki here from Molly Rose. Just read your latest blog. Yes we have escaped !. Left the marina back in June. Nichola had a health problem at the time, but I am very pleased to say that all is well now. We are currently on the North Stratford canal looking after a small bankside marina. Loving every minute, living and working on the canal system. Nicki now has a garden and I have a shed !!!. Nicki is also painting selling her canal ware to the many passing holiday boats.
    Look forward to your next years blog.
    Our email address is
    Keep in touch. Mike and Niki.

  2. Hi Mike, Glad to hear you and Nicki are enjoying life on the North Stratford. We are both well and we look forward to catching up with you some time. I have made a note of your E-Mail and will keep in touch. All the best Mick & Marlene.