Sunday, 4 September 2011

As planned we were moored back at Etruria around lunch time on Thursday. After lunch we went into the Etruria Industrial Museum for a look round. This was Jesse Shirley's Etruscan Bone and Flint Mill, grinding bone and Flint for the pottery industry. Bone for bone china and Flint for earthen ware. The flint first had to be roasted (or calcined)to make it easier to grind. It was an interesting afternoon the highlight being the 1820 beam engine that powered the machinery. That afternoon they were running it for a test so we saw it working, normally it only runs on a weekend and bank holidays.
Come Friday morning we move on to Westport Lake, the morning was bright with a little cloud around midday. In the afternoon we walked into Tunstall the nearest town so Marlene could have her cut. Saturday we stayed at the lake walking and generally relaxing. This morning we took the short trip to the Harecastle Tunnel, after about half an hour it was our turn to go through there were four boats going through we were third in line. We have done the tunnel twice before but this morning it seemed to take forever, in reality it took 40 minutes. Now we are moored at the start of the Macclesfield Canal, a mooring we like, having moored here twice before. It is interesting as the Macclesfield Canal goes over the Trent and Mersey at this point. We aim to stay here a couple of nights and do some walking, before dropping back down to the Trent and Mersey and on to Middlewich.

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