Saturday, 9 July 2011

Very Heavy Rain.

Before I start this post I must tell you about something I forgot in my last posting. Coming up the Staffs and Worcester we kept seeing faces on trees and posts. Some body had been very busy.Slipping our mooring early we moved back down to Autherley Junction and watered up while we had breakfast, well that was the plan. In the end we had had breakfast and both of us showered and still the water tank wasn't full. After an hour and a half it finally filled to the top.It was quite a nice morning so we passed through the stop lock and turned left onto the Staffs and Worcester canal. At about 12-o-clock the heavens opened and we moored where we were, even so we both got very wet. The weather never really got much better so we stayed where we were for the night.
Next morning the rain had passed, leaving our mooring just north of Coven Heath. After four and a half hours we moored at Penkridge a lovely little town not far from Stafford. Walking down town to do some shopping we once again got caught in heavy rain but it was short lived. Today I replaced some tiles that had dropped of round the wood burner.Later we took the bus into Stafford and made an appointment at the bank for Wednesday to review our accounts.At lunch time we had a meal and a pint(or two) at Weatherspoons. The pub used to be a cinema and still has the tiered seating areas and the bar is where the screen used to be.Today's pictures are some tree and post faces and Autherley Junction.

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