Thursday, 21 April 2011

Knowle and Knowle Locks.

After our long haul round Birmingham we had a quiet day at Catherine De Barnes. In the morning we took a walk round the village, that did not take long as it is a very small village but very pleasant. Shopping was the order of the day on Wednesday. Mooring near bridge 72 we walked into Knowle, a lovely little market town. Unfortunately the only supermarket was a Tesco Metro,not as cheap as the larger Tesco's. The mooring was very rural but just to the side of the flightpath to Birmingham Airport.The weather this week has been perfect, warm and sunny.
Today we moved on collecting some gas from the Stephen Goldsborough Boats at the top of Knowle locks. then descended the five locks, a drop of 41ft 10ns. Knowle locks are two boats wide and we were lucky to be joined by Andrew, Nicola and their two girls Alice and Emma in their boat Moonlight. On wide locks life is much easier when you can share the lock with another crew. At the bottom of the locks we stopped for water while they went on to the Herons Nest at bridge 70. Before setting out this morning I decided to give myself a number 4 hair cut,however I forgot to put on the plastic number 4 comb, so the first two cuts nearly scalped me. Now I have a bald patch over my right ear. Photo's are last nights sunset and my haircut mistake.


  1. Thank you for looking after my son and his family on their first solo adventure down the dreaded Knowle 5 !!! I do hate those locks but they are the price for the lovely mnoorings at Copt Heath! I will keep an eye on your "chugging"! PS I use a number 2 cos I am so bald already!!

  2. Locking with Andrew helped us get down the Knowle flight. We enjoyed their company. Left to me I'd take the lot off and polish my Head.