Monday, 8 March 2010

Five days on the canal.

Starting the engine on Wednesday took some time, It had not been started since we went shopping in Burton-upon Trent. The weather was looking promising for a few days so we had decided to take a trip down the Coventry canal.
We left the marina at about 1-45pm turning left onto the Trent and Mersey heading for Alrewas. On our way to Wychnor lock I collected some wood for the stove, only collecting wood that was not attached to trees or bushes. Doing the river section past the large weir we arrived at Alrewas lock. After locking up we moored for the night. It was good to be out on the canal again. We had a quiet evening of television and Scrabble.
Thursday dawned with blue skies and a heavy frost. After breakfast we took the bus into Lichfield to do some food shopping, arriving back at 1-35pm. Leaving Alrewas when lunch was over, our destination Fradley Junction. Mooring at the 48hr moorings between the second and third locks. A walk round the nature reserve before dinner was pleasant in the evening sun. That evening we went to the Swan Inn for a drink, a friendly pub with locals and visitors having a good night out.
cold but sunny again on Friday morning. As we came out of the lock to the junction we turned left onto the Coventry Canal. The canal was frozen at this point so ice breaking was the order of the day,although it soon melted as it was quite thin. We watered up after the swing bridge at the start of the Coventry. As we were leaving we were told there was a stoppage at Hopwas bridge, this would stop us going down to Fazley Junction. Still we could go as far as Whittington before turning. at Streethay Wharf the canal was almost blocked by boats, just enough width to get by. We stopped here for lunch before continuing on to Farmers Bridge where we turned then moored for the night. Starting the engine on Saturday morning we were faced with a warning bleep, thinking we were low on water I turned off the engine. The water was OK however, restarting the engine I found the warning bleep was accompanied by a light above the picture of a battery with a D in it. I decided this must mean the domestic batteries were not charging, so we set off intending to go all the way back to the Marina, stopping at Whittington for a brief walk round and do our lottery.
Descending the second lock at Fradley we noticed the red light had gone out and the bleeping had stopped. All our electrics seemed to be working so we moored at Alrewas for the night.
Sunday morning with ice on the canal again we returned to our mooring at Barton. The warnings did not come on again. For the five days I was unable to get on the Internet so this is why I have had to write all five days to day. Pictures are of Alrewas.

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